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Press Release : Children’s Day Celebration

Association of Humble and Obedient Youths (AHOY) Implores the government to take children education more seriously.

As we celebrate the children’s day in Nigeria today, The Association of Humble and Obedient Youths (AHOY), celebrate with children in Nigeria and across the globe.

Children’s day is a special day dedicated to celebrate children and more importantly, to educate the public on issues of concern and to mobilise political will and resources to address those issues.

As such, AHOY, would like to cease this opportunity to advise parents to foster a conducive environment for children at home and also be a positive role models. It is believed that, this will help in the development of a child into becoming a good human being in the future.

According to unicef Nigeria, about 10.5 million children are not in school in Nigeria. This is not in line with article 28 of UNCRC which states that “all children, no matter where they live or what their circumstances, have the right to quality education”.

PRESS RELEASE : AHOY condemn the killing of Deborah, demands Justice.

The Association of Humble and Obedient Youths (AHOY) strongly condemn the vicious murder of Deborah yakubu, a bonafide student in a prestigious institution in Nigeria (Sheu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, Nigeria).

The Association of Humble and Obedient Youths (AHOY) call for the urgent attention of all human rights advocates globally and all necessary security authorities across Nigeria to bring the barbaric set of people or unwanted group of people involved in the crime for killing a citizen to book.
Additionally, we urge the federal government to establish more sensitization centres across the country, especially in the rural area in Nigeria. The National orientation Agency (NOA) too should make all necessary steps in order to orientate the youth in the view to avoid this kind or similar ugly incident within our society.

We also use this medium to sympathize with the entire family of the murdered student.