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Happy Democracy Day Nigeria

The Association of Humble and Obedient Youths (AHOY) celebrates democracy day with all Nigerians. Being an annual and memorable day, the 12th of June, to celebrate and promote a peaceful society where coexistence is done in peace with a mindset for progress.

Association of Humble and Obedient Youths advocates for an improved society especially in the area of security, education and quality life style within the nation. The Association also suggests that the government should try to advocate more for a peaceful society and should try to proffer a new and sustainable method that will enhance peace and unity for Nigerians.

Furthermore,the association of Humble and Obedient Youths implores the government to adopt the local native English language otherwise known has pidgin English or broken English to become an official language recognized across Nigeria, arguably this language is widely spoken among all Nigerians irrespective of their sex, educational status , religion, tribes or ethnicity.
Since Nigeria is a democratic nation and democracy is a government of the people and by the people.
As we all know that language is an important tool for communication and also an instrument for understanding amongst the people that can enhance love and unity.

The Association of humble and obedient youths once again affirms that the unity of Nigeria is very crucial.

So therefore, the Association of humble and obedient youths proffers to the government of Nigeria to adopt the pidgin English as an official language and also to be included in the educational curriculum across the country in a view to help to protect the unity of Nigeria.


Press Release : We condemn Sunday mass killing at Ondo.

Association of Humble and Obedient youths (AHOY) condemn and express sadness over the massacre scene at St Francis Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Arguably, there was a time in the history of Nigeria when there was peace and security, at least, to an extent.

However, with recent various incidents which involve kidnapping, jungle justices, forceful land grabbing and killings of all kinds, etc. It is fair to assume or conclude that the security situation in Nigeria seems to be deteriorating by the minute.

The killing of church goers during their mass at St.Francis Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria today 05.06.2022 (as aired on TV news and Social media) further demonstrate the deteriorating state of insecurity in Nigeria.

Regardless of the motive, life should be held sacred. As such, AHOY condemn this barbaric act of killings that took innocent lives – this is a massacre.

AHOY mourns the death of victims and stand in solidarity with the victim’s family and others affected, in this difficult time and pray for them to have the fortitude to bear the loss.

AHOY urge everyone to use their influence and resources to advocate for peace at all times regardless of the situation and where.

Nigerian 1999 constitution, Sec 33, states that every person has a right to life. Sec 14 (2b), also states that welfare and security of citizens shall be the primary purpose of the government.

Therefore, AHOY calls the attention of Nigerian Government, to the provisions above to improve security as necessary to protect her citizens regardless of who they are, where they live, their political and religious inclinations.