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Who We Are

The Association of humble and obedient youths (AHOY), Reformed Pyrate Confraternity is a voluntary, “male-only,” sociocultural organization that is created to promote social equality, fairness, and humanitarian services to all and sundry without bias or favoritism to a tribe, ethnic, race, or sex. Our mindset and orientation are focused on breaking the culture of nepotism and social injustices in all its guises and forms; shifting mindsets towards a just society that prioritizes equality, comradeship, and brotherhood with one mission of making the society a better place through humanitarian services.

Members of our association are permitted to freely commit to every program and agenda that promotes our association’s vision and objectives, as we are not a secret society. We believe the world needs more men of just virtues, high integrity capital, and incorruptible moral investments to improve social value standards.

Our vision
To create a body of like-minded and upright individuals whom will jointly uplift one another and fight against any form of systemic injustice in the society including discrimination, tribalism and ethnicity.

Our mission
1. To revive the spirit of excellence, integrity, discipline, and positive leadership amongst members of the association.
2. To uphold human dignity and a model for a Just society where no one is a victim of sex, sexuality, color, tribe, race, or belief.
3. To protect the weak by actively advocating and promoting charitable and humanitarian ideals and deeds.


Membership into the Association of humble and obedient youths (AHOY) is open to men of good and noble characters, educated and equipped to engage, promote and propagate the dynamic gospel of service to humanity. Membership into the association is not open to women; however, the association is open to collaborating with women who engage in projects that align with our goals and objectives. The association of humble and obedient youths will operate its branches across every state in Nigeria and outside her shores and operates within the legal permits of the law of every land where its branches are located.

The association of humble and obedient youths (AHOY) is focused on initiative projects and programs that will improve society in the following areas;
Health – Health-related projects that will improve the awareness and the health status of citizens will be executed.
Education: The association will carry out programs to support less privileged children in providing educational materials and supports.
Social justice: The association will engage in initiatives that offer justice, fair hearing, and promote opportunities to the voiceless within the confines of the law.
Other humanitarian initiatives: The association across the country and beyond the borders of Nigeria will collaborate, initiate, and collaborate with NGOs whose goals align with ours.