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To create a body of like-minded and upright individuals whom will jointly uplift one another and fight against any form of systemic injustice.

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AHOY is open to men of good and noble characters, educated and equipped to engage, promote and propagate the dynamic gospel of service to humanity.

The state of our nation, what have we achieved at 62?

After 62 years of independence, Nigeria is still in a state of trying to establish a solid state of unity across the over 250 ethnicities within the country with a high level of corruption issues which has been affecting not just the economy, but the livelihood of every Nigerian.

The Association of Humble and Obedient Youths (AHOY) frowns at the underdeveloped situation of Nigeria, how should we say a supposed giant amongst many others is yet to walk at 62, this is exactly the description of Nigeria.

62years is more than enough to stabilize any nation with the advantages of mineral resources and human resources like that of which Nigeria is blessed, yet we are still chasing shadows instead of the substance.

It is not news that the major issues militating against Nigeria are corruption and disunity, this corruption has been traced to the causes of the high cost of living, unemployment, poor education, housing, poor healthcare system, insecurities, and poor infrastructures.

Secondly, disunity has also been traced to the causes of unpatriotism, hate, ethnicity, and Tribalism. Also, these have put our unity at Risk.

Furthermore, corruption has given Nigeria and Nigerians a negative image to the rest of the world, her citizens don’t trust their leaders anymore, and corruption has become a tradition that her citizens see as the norm.

Truly the average Nigerian is an educated person, who knows what’s right and wrong. But the leaders have turned Nigeria from a democratic nation to a dictatorship nation psychologically.

Although some individuals in Nigeria have also been part that contributes to this devastating state of the nation.

Individuals or groups of people involved in activities like Boko haram, other terrorist groups, kidnapping, the spread of hate speech, cultism, ritual killings, cyber crimes, and many more.

The Association of Humble and Obedient Youths calls the attention of all Nigerians, to let’s unite and to keep the peace of our nation in a nonnegotiable place, and also to do things orderly by obeying laws and others stipulated under our constitution.

The Association of Humble and Obedient Youths also wants to use this medium to encourage the Nigerian government to invest and focus more on industrialization, and to make sure every setback that has been traced to the causes of poor industrialization in Nigerian should be curbed, in other to improve the economy of Nigeria.

However, even in the face of the ills militating our society, we should not lose hope, we should come together to make Nigeria better, there are still opportunities for us to make the future of our children and society better than the present state. Patriotism should set in.

Every Nigerian should see themselves as comrades to uphold the unity and progress of Nigeria.

Wishing Nigeria a happy 62 years of independence.

Long live Nigeria!

Ahoy to Nigeria!

God bless Nigeria!


Our attention have been drawn to a viral video tagged (Emilokan) that is currently trending on social media. It is believed that this song was recently released by some member of a group and is attracting a lot of comments.

Some members of the public may have unknowingly attached the group and the viral video to our organisation, (AHOY). However, we are using this medium to unequivocally clarify to the members of the public and the government of Nigeria that, the song or viral video is not from (AHOY).

(AHOY) is a non-political organisation and are not affiliated with any political party or politician. (AHOY) are Pyrates following the traditional tenets focusing on improving the society by advocating for improved education system, health system, social justice system, good governance and humanistic (charity) ideals and acts.

eSigned: National PRO’s Office

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AHOY is open to all men of good and open characters.